In this period of pandemic, when the natural urge of children to move has inevitably been restricted, the mission statement of the South Tyrolean ski schools has become even more important.

Play, Sport and exercise promote the physical growth, the cognitive development, the social development, the emotional development and the differentiation of movement skills.

The practice of winter sports undoubtedly contributes to healthy growth.

Group lesson half day

from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for beginners and advanced

Children 3 years of age

Small children will be introduced to the world of skiing in a playful way. An individual learning programme based on physical and psychological prerequisites and skills will be offered. Breaks with funny games guarantee for a varied lesson.

Children beginners (4 - 12 years)

For children who ski for the very first time.

With a methodically structured training programme children will learn their first steps. Beginners will be divided into groups based on their age. All children beginners (identification vests: pink, violet, red and grey) will meet at the Kinderland, which offers the ideal prerequisites for obtaining beginners competencies.

Children advanced (4 - 12 years)

Thanks to a methodically structured training programme children will improve their skiing skills.

All children who are able to do snowplough turns and all the way through to experts will be divided into different performance groups. All advanced skiers (identification vest: blue) will also meet in the "Kinderland".

Beginning of course

Group courses start every Monday. (Except during the Christmas holidays)
During Christmas holidays group courses start:

  • Monday, 26st of december 2022
  • Tuesday, 27th of  december 2022
  • Sunday, 01th of january 2023
  • Monday, 02th of january 2023

Course duration

5 days.
You can however also book 4 or less course days. Advanced skiers have the possibility to join the course on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Beginners joining a course will be decided onsite from case to case.


Meeting Point

On the 1st day, al children, also the advanced skiers, meet at the Kinderland. The ski instructor wil inform children about the meeting point for the next days. Instructors choose the respective slopes depending on interim goals and planned exercises.

Group formation according to abilities

Beginners will be divided into groups based on their age. During a short presentation period, advanced children are divided into different performance groups depending on their skills. Preliminary grouping occurs in the Kinderland. In order to have homogeneous groups, instrucors will make any required group changes on the slope afterwards. 

Ski race

Friday is a very special day for the participants. During the course of the lesson each group will have final race. The ski instructors will inform you about the exact time of the race.

Prize awarding ceremony

The prize awarding ceremony takes place on Friday at 12.15 p.m. in the Kinderland. All children receive a medal and a diploma with group photo (the winner of each group receives a cup).


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