Frequently Asked Questions

Do beginners need a ski pass?

Anyone who uses a cable car or lift facility needs to have a ski pass (except for the conveyor belts in the Kinderland), regardless of whether they participate at a ski course or not (privat lessons or group lessons).

Child beginners meet at the Kinderland. Children beginners do not need a ski pass on the first day. Once they leave the Kinderland and continue their lessons at the ski lift or cable car, they will need a ski pass. The ski instructor will inform you the day before.

Adult beginners (first-time skiers) meet at the Kinderland. Adult beginners are people who are skiing for the first time and have never used a ski lift before. They can purchase a point ticket or single tickets. If you purchase singel tickets, you should ask the ski insturctor for the best option after your fist skiing lesson.

Is the ski pass included in the ski course?

The ski passes have to be purchased separately at the pay point of the Jochtal AG. The ski pass is not included in the course price ot the Ski School.

Does the Ski School Office accept credit cards?

You can pay directly at the Ski School Office in cash or with credit card. In order to reduce the waiting times at the Ski School Office, we recommend booking from the comfort of your home and pay by credit card.

What age do children have to be to start a ski course?

Children can participate at a ski course form 3 years. We recommend booking a trial day for 3-year old children. Sometimes, it could turn out to be too early for the child to start. The biological age does not always comly with the chronological age.

Will I get the money back if my child doesn't like the course?

In general, money is only refundet upon presentation of a doctor's certificate (illness, injury). There is a possibility however, to book one trail da only. This is especially recommendable if the cildren are still small. We always strive to find an adequate solution however.

How does group allocation work with children?

During registartion in the Ski School Office, there is a rough separation between beginners (first time on skis) and advanced skiers (participated at one or more ski courses). In general: those who can master beginners competencies (safe stopping, dodging), can go to the ski slope, this is the "Schilling" exercise slope.

Al beginners meet at the Kinderland. On the first course day in the Kinderland you will find flags with the respective colours of the identification vests. Beginners wil be dividet into groups based on their age.

Advanced skiers meet at the Kinderland too, where you see a green (Yeti Club) and a blue (course form 10-12 am.) flag. During a short presentation period the children are divided into different performance groups depending on their skills.

Can our children join the same group?

Primarily, childen are assigned to groups based on their skiing skills and their age. If your children or the children of your friend are at the same skill level, please inform us during registration and  again during the allocation phase, and we will try our best to put them into the same group. If the cildren are at different skill levels, the child who skis better would always have to be considerate of the weaker child.

Why do some instructors take the group to the exercise slopes in the valley and not on the mountain, even if the pupils can do parallel turns already?

Whenever new partial goals have to be met or improved, it is better to exercise on flat slopes where children feel safe and therefore con make rapid progress.

How big are the groups for children's ski courses?

We always strive to have groups set up in such a way, that the ski instructor will be able to offer will-structured lessons. The group size varies from 7 to 9 children. Sometimes, there are also groups of 5 or 6 children, and in exceptional cases there can be groups of 10 children.

How big are the groups for adult's ski courses?

Adults are first dividet into beginners (first time on skis) and advanced skiers (form snowplough skiers to advanced skiers) too, whereby advanced skiers are further dividet into perfomrance groups. The group size varies form 3 to 5 participants.

Are accidents insured?

The course participants are not insured against accidents during any of our programmes/events/lessons. Guest are responsible for their own accident insurance.

When does the final race take place?

The fifth and last course day is a normal course day on the one hand and a very special day for children on the other, since the children's race takes place. The instructor will inform you about the exact time of the race.

the prize awarding ceremony for all groups takes place at about 12.15 pm at the Kinderland.