Course aim

for children's lessons

From beginners to advanced skiers. From snowplough to proper turns. Achieving a sports goal depends on the age, the motor skills and the motivation of participants. What's most important however, is a methodically well structured and professional course.


Green - Beginners

Snowplough turns and Beginners Competence

Adaption to the terrain, sudden breaking, Qick avoiding, Speeding up & slowing down, Controlling the turn, standing up

Prerequisite for BLUE = Beginners Competence

Blue - From Snowplough turns to Parallel ski guidance

Parallel ski guidance, trick-turn, Blue turn

Prerequisite for RED 1 = Parallel ski guidance

Red 1 - Snaketurn

Centrality, Stability of the upper body, compensating movement, Turning of the upper body

Prerequisite for RED 2 = Turns with parallel ski guidance without Pole Plant but with Central Position and Stability of the upper body.

RED 2 - Red Turn

Angulation, Pole Plant

Prerequisite für BLACK = Turns with parallel ski guidance with Pole Plant, Active Centrality and Angolation.

Black - Carved turns with Pole Plant

Dynamic centrality, Upper body Stability, Parallel ski position, Weight distribution, Reinforced edge setting, Different body inclinations