Guided ski tours Jochtal

every Thursday with state certified mountain guides

Skiing in unspoiled nature - a fantastic experience!

Ski tour fans enjoy the alpine winter landscape with sunshine and glittering snow without hectic and stress.

Despite the fascination of this winter sports, it also bears some risks. In addition to the right equipment, physical fitness and experience are also required. Every ski tours needs to be planned in detail with consideration fo the current weather and avalanche reports. Guided ski tours are offered.

  • Tours: every thursday
  • Destination:chosen by the mountain guide based on the current snow conditions
  • Duration: 4 - 5 hours
  • Fee per person: € 90,00 per person (min. 3, max. 8 participants)
    Avalanche rescue device, shovel, probe included,
    ski equipment for a fee
  • Prerequisites: parallel turns on red slopes, fitness for hiking up for about 3-4 hours with a difference in altitude of about 800 m, rucksack, food and drinks, change of clothes. 
  • Registration and information: every week by Tuesday 5 pm in the Vals-Jochtal Ski School Tel. +39 0472 547210